Tri Duong

From time to time,
we inundate in a euphoric stupor,
leaving behind it all as we traverse
through the stars, and the universe

Nothing matters anymore, when you're up there
Your family, your work, your friends, your love, your life
All that matters is the silver screen,
an anesthetic made of dreams

When it wears off,
when it's all over,
you awaken and open your eyes
and back down you go,
into reality and Earth
with the dream's demise
47 Responses

  1. The End. Says:

    nice read. thumbs up

  2. B. Heck Says:

    that's a pretty cool poem

  3. steio Says:

    damn man thats deep, makes me think...

  4. Alexander Says:

    This was both beautiful and deep at the same time.

  5. great poem, amazing to read

  6. Just read through most your stuff, it's so deep and amazing!

    This one has got to be my favourite, it is true that you can't live in a dream forever :(

    Keep up the awesome poems <3

  7. Jason Turner Says:

    not bad, not bad at all.

  8. Did anyone else find this poem somewhat depressing?

  9. Lol this one sounds like a serious prohibitionist statement. I bet this would make it on above the influence. For good trollin measures make up a name like C. Sagan and smile as they do or don't submit it.

  10. I do like the description "an anesthetic made of dreams."
    I almost lucid dreamed 2 days ago. Dreams are totally a mental anesthetic.

  11. Phorce Says:

    These are some great words man

  12. niceonice Says:

    interesting poem thanks for sharing

  13. lolwut Says:

    awesome poetry, most poems i read i cant relate to.
    but this one struck me deep
    good work <3

  14. I LOVE MOVIES!!! Sad poem...

  15. roguez4lifez Says:

    Great poem, nicely done.

  16. BLUERAD Says:

    Great poetry, ill share some of mine sometime when I dig it up!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    beautiful poem

  18. Splash87 Says:

    Beautiful man, Beautiful

  19. I'm just going to stare at this for a bit...It's good btw. Like all your other work.

  20. Mc Uncool Says:

    well you could write songs for the most popstars nowadays... thats a good thing, right :D?

  21. 'All that matters is the silver screen,
    an anesthetic made of dreams'

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    showin support
    come visit me

  23. Nigma Says:

    somehow that image reminded my of my toy cuffs

  24. I know this is a double post, but really looking forward to your next poem. You are quite the writer! <3

  25. Bart Says:

    hey good stuff. check my blog out

  26. evertblogger Says:

    I like the poem and your blog template, very nice!

  27. Jehrin Says:

    I am touched by that

  28. Vlad Says:

    cool poem sis! *thumb up*

  29. Chris Says:

    There's always a place in my heart for poetry. I'm following your blog. thanks for the read

  30. Zygg Says:

    Where did you learn to write poetry? It was something I was never able to grasp...

  31. chopper Says:

    This is spectacular! I never thought about how I use dreaming as a way to leave the mundane in my life behind.

  32. yeah it really works, tried it.

    smoochies n' poopies :*

  33. Just saying hi to all my followers stop by
    my blog some time:)

  34. Anonymous Says:

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  35. Matt Says:

    that's really cool man

  36. Saveit Says:

    I like this. But how can I follow you? I dont see a follow button for blogspot?

  37. great poem and page layout

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