Tri Duong

His heart they all did desire,
His beauty they all did seek
Their wants purely fueling the fires
of hopes he would sweep them off their feet

His face generates their squeals,
His voice gives birth to emotion
Not one, more or less, did not feel
that same dire pang of devotion

"For him," they say, "I'll die!"
"For him," they declare, "I'll wait!"
With beating hearts and admiring sighs,
they dream of their first date

But alas, hard truth is cold
It cometh regardless of inconvenience
For here it is, quite big and bold,
the source to unwanted grievance

This marvel of a man,
and truth will lay waste in its wake,
Can do nothing any human can,
for he, my friends, is fake
58 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    well twilight is terrible but i like your effort

  2. Kitari Says:
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  3. edward cullen is so dreamy

  4. Anonymous Says:

    long time no comments! here ya go!:

  5. onlettinggo Says:

    following, maybe if i had female genitalia i would understand

  6. La GaGa Says:

    Love the Post.
    Will follow you and support you daily.
    Very original

  7. Admin Says:

    nice, but jacob is better :P

  8. I Starred It Says:

    This made my girlfriend's day. Even though technically she is Team Jacob. Will follow + read daily!

  9. Orzo Says:

    sick poem dude, i hate twilight but im going to send this to my girlfriend

  10. Good poetry,
    I have to say that Jacob is more badass though
    you have my support

  11. Blinkin Says:

    love the whole team war thing

  12. Jackson Says:

    That's a great poem, and I love the way you ended it. He's just a character.

  13. Anonymous Says:
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  14. Dave R Says:

    nice poem but im team jacob

  15. Bruno Says:

    Nice poem, I do hate jacob, He needs to wear a shirt...

  16. brooksirL Says:

    You are insanely cute and you write.

    Can we get married?

  17. Splash87 Says:

    I actually really like your stuff, definitely not a fan of Twilight but the poem is great.

  18. tjc Says:

    Oh Edward you are so sparkly and magnificent!

  19. JBoeve Says:

    I thought this was a joke at first, but now I'm not so sure. Probably because I know nothing about Twilight..

  20. Zerron Says:

    dont care for twilight but the poem is pretty good :)

  21. Alexander Says:

    Nice poem but for the love of god don't feed the fangirls.

  22. J Mo Says:

    Very nice poem :) Can't say I'm a huge fan of his though

  23. cooperlife Says:

    I only watch Twilight for Kristen Stewart... she's so cute.

  24. Tal Zahn Says:

    BAM! What a well done slam poem, haha!

  25. ShredGuitar Says:
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  26. Thought it was going to be something bad, instead its like a reality check in a poem, can I make a request? A few shorter poems for those of us with the attention span of a newborn field mouse?

  27. Trashcanman Says:

    I'd slap him in the face with my dick

  28. Eslok Says:

    cool poem... you may be the next Poe if you keep it up!

  29. Money Says:

    cool poem, i like.

  30. Pav Says:

    favourite line is the last line lol

  31. SamLard Says:

    I like coffee in the morning.

  32. Jlatupee Says:

    Sorry but no. JUST NO

  33. What I don't get is...
    Why. Would you put anything. ANYTHING. On your blog. About Edward Cullen? WHY?

  34. Japannews Says:

    Keep working on your poems!

  35. glen live Says:

    I can honestly say that i'm a straight guy and i can tell why gets all the women. irl and movies.
    great pome non the less.
    thumbs up (y)

  36. M.A.T Says:

    I can't say yum to this, how about some cute female vampires?

  37. tadpole Says:


    Also nice poem :)

  38. G Says:

    i am a massive twilight fan thank you for this

  39. LD Says:

    really nice job did you write this?

  40. The Nobody Says:

    Had I not seen the third twilight movie I wouldn't have bothered to read your poem, but I did.

    Edward sucks, <3 bella

  41. Creepy Says:

    Haha, reminds me of that comic on The Oatmeal about Twilight and why it's so appealing to women.

    Twilight sucks, however, watch them with the Rifftrax, you'll be glad you did.

  42. I remember when I used to be sad

  43. i liked it even though i dont like twilight

  44. GiantsMania Says:

    good poem, but twilight is a blight on this world.

  45. Mc Uncool Says:

    he actually looks like handsome squidward. but with hair :D
    Explain me why girls adore him? -.-

  46. Anonymous Says:

    i hate him to.

  47. JP Says:

    dont really like edward :) but nice poem

  48. Daniel Says:

    At first I was angry that you were writing about him, then I saw where you went with it. A+

  49. Anonymous Says:

    he's fake i lol'd at that

  50. cant say i like twilight but thats a great poem.

  51. The End. Says:

    he makes me want to punch babies...

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