Tri Duong

Lush, lush; sweet talk the toffee apple kiss
A fairground ride into the laughter of your soul
Your one kiss fixed the notion, brilliant muse
Yes lady,
Bright eyes like yours cut across a crowd
Spring rhythms rapid against logic and cold metalloid moons
The ratchet effect; the melting point of soft sensorium
Bright eyes in superior calcium, milk for tears
I drink, I drink, yes lady
Bright smile like yours
Night kisses on semi eclipse; yearn for a lust
Deliver symphony; kill a crave
Shotgun for a need, kissing slipstreams
Toccata love overdose, each note we seed
X marks the spot, bring me heat, Y chromosome splits
Love like an onyx fissure, the beauty
In each sediment layer, humans dissected by touch

We watch a world on fire; the axis tipped
The point,
Of a child's idiosyncratic motion
The ratification of an Omphalos candy rush,
Oracle nights taste like fire; a skinblip of derelict moon burns

Where we meet palm to palm; undoing the silk of biological
Senescence; pure rush, the climax
Rapture meets bliss, stimulates
Voodoo in a nexus of nights.

Yes lady I have loved you, never before like this
Reverse my treasons, deft alchemy
Of your arcane lips; unclasp the night latch
Let me in; breathe in come-closer whispers
Yes lady, see me

Defeat spruik; lineament you blend
Lint becomes your fingers tending
Caressing each raw wound; sliver of a rose
So close, so close.
This is love, pure rush: whisper me a secret
Night kisses on semi eclipse
"There is no distance between us"
Sensation speaks from each angle we address
Switchblade romance cuts the lights
Like a raptor slicing walls into midnight bliss

Hawk each hour we collapse into sleep.
Still our hearts make love; our bodies redeem
So swift the grip of each perfect dream.

Yes my lady, yes my lady
Open your eyes to me. Your kiss daggers
Necessary euphoria, cutting into me
Tattoos of nirvana.

So even now, if we dare contemplate sleep
You will never be anything less
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  1. Olivar Says:

    nice one, keep up the work

  2. loloriz0r Says:

    love is a curious thing..

  3. Anti-1337 Says:

    euphoric words, always great to come here and learn a new word or 2

  4. Luis Says:

    really nice poem. keep it up :)

  5. adsensative Says:
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  6. Tyler Says:

    Well written. Do you do the photoshop art yourself by any chance?

  7. cooperlife Says:
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  8. no, I don't photoshop art

  9. EddyRocket Says:

    So deep, so beautiful.

  10. reading your poetry makes me want to write a new blog... i have work in a little so i can't but i'll try to get one in tonight.. maybe i'll mention your work :P

  11. autor Says:

    i really like when ppl create something.
    I used to write some shi* as well.

    Have you thought about compresing your work?

  12. jus1 Says:

    very nice showing support

  13. Chromatik Says:

    "X marks the spot, bring me heat, Y chromosome splits
    Love like an onyx fissure, the beauty
    In each sediment layer, humans dissected by touch"
    Loved these lines

  14. mickvp Says:

    very nice ! returnin favor !

  15. NicMag Says:

    absolutely beautiful little poem, god I'm such a fan. I wish I could write like this, I'm nowhere near this proficient at poetry.

  16. lags a lil in pooper but is fine with me. >=)

    smoochies. :*

  17. Saryn Says:

    You have a way with your words. I like how this flows.

  18. Max Says:

    Great stuff you have. Showing my support.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    really nice poetry.

    Showing my daily support.

  20. mickvp Says:

    very nice check me out :)

  21. Red Baron Says:

    you have a way with words ....

  22. Good post I found it interesting, Showing you some support :D

  23. x Says:

    nice work there.

  24. Fate A. Says:

    nice subtle work ont he photo and equally impressive work with words.

  25. Daniel Says:

    Another wonderful poem from Caroline. I love reading these every day. You're so creative :)

  26. The Loon Says:

    You've got a big vocabulary list in your head. Wish I had that >_<

  27. That, was an absolute pleasure to read.

  28. Le Coq Bleu Says:

    This reminds me of that time when i skipped reading the EULA because TL;DR

  29. Harry Says:

    Beautiful as always.

  30. wow, you keep on getting better and better

  31. Anonymous Says:

    will support and follo <3

  32. Useless Mind Says:

    beautiful, i enjoyed :) ty for sharing

  33. Tal Zahn Says:

    A very nice descriptive way to describe love and making love. I was almost expecting a negative thing to come along or something depressing actually based on what I recalled of a few of your poems. Nice to have the more uplifting/neutral ones like this. :)

  34. Anonymous Says:

    nice post!
    i like it!
    supportin & following you!;)

  35. Your poem is fantastic and the photo is absolutely stunning. They really do go wonderfully together, bro!

  36. lulz88 Says:

    good stuff, solid writing

  37. sars129 Says:

    Followed, and make a book.

  38. Hagar Says:

    I like this one. I dig the 3rd Stanza. (:

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