Tri Duong
Rest your eyes a bit Grandmom,

Like you used to do on those lazy

Sunday afternoons,

Before and after dinner

When sleep almost always looms.

Trek back home Grandmom,

To you ancestors and your son,

The odyssey will be worth it

Even if not fun.

Wait for me Grandmom,

I think we all hold this mutually

A thought on all of our minds.

Stay with us Grandmom

Your pride is what we need

A pedestal, exaltation,

Hewing the path of life

Until each of us are freed.

We know you have not left us

But only gone to wait

Just inside that pearly white gate,

I sit here and write this,

Accumulating everyone's thoughts,

A tear adorning my face,

Lord, let me live at this woman's pace.
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  1. shirou Says:

    wonderful, keep it up!

  2. sup /b/ro! :3 you know the deal.

  3. here to do the favor! return it! :3

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  5. Anonymous Says:

    lovely poem :O

  6. CyeKat Says:

    Verry different from the average blog. I like it, touching.

    I really enjoy the color scheme too. Hit me up sometime.

  7. Beautiful..x3 I loved it.

  8. haybiebs Says:

    showing some love bros!

  9. Spilii Says:

    Haha nice man. check out my blog sometime

  10. Jeffy Says:

    Very cute, I love my grandma

  11. Jeebus Crust Says:
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  12. This is a nice change of pace from the rest of your posts so far.

    I liked it.

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