Tri Duong

Pit where the buffalo cooled his hide,
By the hot sun emptied, and blistered and dried;
Log in the plume-grass, hidden and lone;
Bund where the earth-rat's mounds are strown;
Cave in the bank where the sly stream steals;
Aloe that stabs at the belly and heels,
Jump if you dare on a steed untried--
Safer it is to go wide-go wide!
Hark, from in front where the best men ride;--
"Pull to the off, boys! Wide! Go wide!"

15 Responses

  1. Toomuchtime Says:

    Really like it. Good collection of poetry you have here.

  2. Mantooth Says:

    I wish I could write stuff like this

  3. Absolutely loved the rhythm of this poem

  4. Anonymous Says:

    its beautiful

  5. Bludd Says:

    You've posted a great poem, and you've created an even greater (Although small) collection. I'll be looking forward to reading more of these poems in the future.

  6. August Says:

    i really love your writing. this is amazing stuff

  7. HiveNode Says:

    This is some beautiful poetry.

  8. Trawgdor Says:

    This is just absolutely brilliant. What other types of poetry do you write? Have any preferences?

  9. Vinoc Says:

    nice stuff man. Will check back for some more good poetry

  10. plethram Says:

    cant wait for more!

    following :)

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