Tri Duong

Sonnet I

Unbroken as I am, I cry from my heart,
Lo! My love and thy reflection in my tears,
My death, as in half eternity is cut,
Thy pleasure as my pain screams in thy ears.
Take away with thee thy shadow of darkness,
My heart; break it- the turmoil in my breath,
Leave me! Leave me to nurse my loneliness-
Thy betrayal fervent like an angry heath,
I lied not when I said, 'thee is all I have,
Everything I am, core of my very being.'
Good riddance of the nothingness of thy love,
Of love like a sin that washes me clean,
A battle I fight even though I can't win,
In a place where you end but there I begin.

- For the one who wasn't the one.