Tri Duong

I am the newly found lover,
Using charm and wit to seduce
To manipulate and to govern.
Solemnity and chivalry
Are constituents of my gentleman's vest,
And so I smile blithely, and
My heart is aching violently.
I am the innate intellectual
Toppling titans, and conquering philosophy,
I am the all-functional.
The fissures of my brain pulse morbidly,
With thoughts and ideas to be made real,
Yet made of nothing but electricity, and so
My head is pounding violently
I am your puppet, fitting snugly in your palm
You alter my energy, my emotions mimic yours
You do with me whatever you please and I love you ever more violently
I am yours truly and completely, and you understand
I can fit inside your veins, inside your heart
and my love is raging violently.
I am the aged man,
No longer possessing virility
But I crumble what little I still can.
No more women, or problem solving for me,
Only wrinkles set deep in my flesh
Complimented by my senility,
And death is creeping violently.
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  1. Swift Love Says:

    what an interesting perspective...

  2. Daniel Says:

    If it happens that you write this poetry yourself, then please, write anything about Dogs for tomorrow.
    Please, at least just a sentence or two.
    Border collies are the most cute dogs every!
    Anyway, i've been reading your blog every day lately and i really like what you're posting.

  3. mickvp Says:

    :) interesting stuff !

  4. Buff Gamer Says:

    I really wish I could write poetry. Your work is brilliant. Please keep it up!

    I'll make sure to stop by every day to see what else you create.

  5. Stop being so cute then writing incredible poems! Haha no seriously you never cease to amaze me. Another incredible piece

  6. MTB111 Says:

    very nice poetry, I am inspired by your work.

  7. Gloistina Says:

    love todays selection and the picture

  8. epicness2729 Says:

    Very cool!

    Daily rounds.

  9. Ray Says:
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  10. You mean this might change everything??? :O

    greetz and remember Poopies Prevails! >=(

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice, thanks for a good read!

  12. REV Says:

    whoa that picture is crazy
    i'm diggin this blog

  13. lolwut... this is useful

  14. Very cool, I enjoyed reading it!

  15. BIGPOPPA Says:

    Very good. Keept it up

  16. KodiakBear Says:

    damn, nice usage of rhetoric, it almost looks like you weren't even trying. I really like your writing, guh, keep it up (:

  17. Mr. Ekonomi Says:

    Keep the good posts coming! :)

  18. Annie Smith Says:

    Thank you, keep it up! :)

  19. The Loon Says:

    Cool story behind the poem. At least, I read into it like that..

  20. wow, mind blowing poetry.

  21. Daniel Says:

    Another wonderful and deep poem, thanks Caroline :)

  22. R2r.0 Says:

    Your poetry is very deep and well written.

  23. nice post today :)
    really good to know about that
    keep it up!

  24. La GaGa Says:

    "Using charm and wit to seduce"

    Loving it already!

  25. hype-machine Says:

    Adding my own assessment:
    I enjoy the different identities of the aging man.

    Great post.

  26. Zooval Says:

    Very nice, Consider yourself to have a new follower.

  27. Complex Says:

    Another great post. Nice one.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    kinda sweet ^_^

  29. such a nice poetry, daily support

  30. You are a wizard with words

    Just showing my daily love

  31. karimrashid Says:

    baaaww this is reall very sad why you are doing to us, anyway great post

  32. Tal Zahn Says:

    The more I read, the more jealous I get of your writing style. :( Seriously, excellent writing style, mine always comes out corny.

  33. Anonymous Says:



  34. JP Says:

    very nice!


  35. Anonymous Says:

    wow , and also cute :P
    supporting ! <3

  36. nice post man =)
    good luck with the rest of your blog!

  37. Oh...I like this one, bro. I really do. Keep writing!

  38. LivingChaos Says:

    Very nice one. I think this one is my favorite on here so far.

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