Tri Duong

Heaps of discarded achievements.
Atrophy runs rampant and unimpeded
Throughout this intricate system of spirit
Eternally degenerating the fabric of our purity

...Hemorrhaging and overtaking within.
Affinity for the dull and gruesome acts
Thoroughly perfected at the hands of man.
Evisceration of our morals and our culture

However, is this our true, our new culture?
Affluent in the fine art of absurd and obscene
Thanking no one, taking everything, taunting heaven?
Everything fades for some to flourish

Hands held high to our ritualistic scourge
Adios things once touted higher than gold
Termination is just a beginning
Emptiness is the result.
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  1. Ionutz Says:
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  2. Tal Zahn Says:

    Is this about man's desire to be recognized/become important even when in the end it really means nothing? It's what I got out of it anyways.

    It's always inspiring to read your poems. :)

  3. Anti-1337 Says:

    Hemorrhaging and overtaking within, my favorite line, beautiful words~~

  4. iMonei Says:
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  5. Daniel Says:

    I agree with above me, I'm ready to go out and start my day and you're talking about being so empty and lifeless, cheer up buttercup :3

  6. Swift Love Says:

    what a great morning read!

  7. very wonderful :)

    and uhm.. check my blog i discovered sumfin which is pretty much likely to drive me nuts! ( or is about to drive my nuts back to.. ahh nvmd =

    smoochies and well creamy poopies :*

  8. Nau Says:

    how come you have time to write everyday? nice one

  9. ;-; such beautiful poems

  10. like i said before, i wrote these a long time ago

  11. Croyal Says:

    You should write more stories, good poem none the less.

  12. sounds very despondent, you down?

  13. "Affluent in the fine art of absurd and obscene"

    this is faaar to pervasive in society, especially the young folk. My lawn, off it.

  14. Anon Says:

    Dark. The picture suits the poem.

  15. grizz Says:

    your poems do have souls. greetings

  16. love the post... I want to see moar!

  17. Love your post! You have a very nice blog, keep it up.
    p.s. you are super gorgeous =]

  18. Chet Says:

    your poems are LEGIT, way to go

    love it

  19. That picture really works for the poem, sets the mood.

  20. Jazzycakes Says:

    This reminds me of a mmo... hrmph

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  22. The Loon Says:

    Deep. You should write a happy poem, very depressing stuff. D:

  23. joshlajosh Says:

    wow, i'm touched, you're good.
    keep at it.

  24. Do you ever write anything happy? I'm starting to feel really bad for you. D:

  25. Baller Says:

    Dark but good. The best poetry seems to come to personal pain. Keep it up, but not too much!

  26. Saveit Says:

    I like this stuff. Just dropped by to check your blog. I hope youre checking mine too.

  27. Kafar Smith Says:

    Really like the poems !

  28. theleming Says:

    very good stuff, you should try writing a stream of consciousness narrative it's rare hearing one from someone who understands all facets of the english language, normally everything becomes as childish as hemingway

  29. ryu1025 Says:

    Lovely, nice choice of image too

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