Tri Duong

I remember not, the Father of my youth,
But instead I recall an absence,
An absence of memory,
And an absence of nurture.

I remember not, His didactic touch,
If there ever was one,
Because his hands were always filthy,
And busy with the heavy load of inebriation.

I remember not, a kiss from those lips,
If even possible,
Because his lungs were always arrested by tar,
And asphyxiation seemed imminent.

I remember not, a Father figure,
But instead I recall a gap,
A gap in grey matter,
And a gap to separate our natures.
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  1. stoneycase Says:

    good vocab, makes for imagery. keep going. we all love a creative tortured soul

  2. Doug Says:

    Reading things like this realize that whenever I become a father, I better do a damn good job, but then again, I might want a poet for a child. Sorry for making light of what reads as a pretty dark subject.

  3. SeXiDeCiMaL Says:

    That is truly deep, nicely done :)

  4. Alex DeLarge Says:

    real horrorshow, keep it up brother

  5. Massari Says:

    hahah I love this. Very beautiful poems

  6. Oscar Says:

    Nicely written Caroline. It was weird noticing how well I can relate to this poem as I was reading.

  7. applecider Says:

    I like the repetitive initial phrases on each stanza! nice style!

  8. Steve Says:

    This is brilliant stuff.

  9. Harry Says:

    I love it. Great poem.

  10. Ionutz Says:
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  11. adsensative Says:
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  12. Nico Says:
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  13. Jram Says:

    Works well with the picture. Your template is wild btw =).

  14. Randy Says:

    Really nice :)
    For me it's qamazing how you can write something amazing like this every day. I don't think I could do it.

  15. Tal Zahn Says:

    Was this something you made up or actually based on your own memories?

    Not sure if I understood this one too well, but from what I gathered, it sounds like either a father that died due to smoking or someone that was just so different, you and he never really knew each other... Either way, it was an interesting read for me.

  16. i'm in your site givin you a favor! pls return it! :3

  17. Nau Says:

    another great one, nice pic also.

  18. Swift Love Says:

    I just learned something new today... thanks!

  19. hamonrye Says:

    I have so many old writings, that this might have inspired me to put em up the interwebs. Good stuff.

  20. Winchi Says:

    wow very insightful :)

  21. good to see you're beating inertia today!

  22. oscargamble Says:
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  23. Deep man. Deep.


  24. Mr. X Says:

    love it. i write aswell

  25. mannellee Says:

    love it!

    i did everything <3

  26. Max Says:

    supporting and support me back. You're also kinda hot too.

  27. Taylor Says:

    very deep touched my soul

  28. BigLoser Says:

    Very touching. I like your writing.

  29. Wow that was extraordinary, very beautful.

  30. The Loon Says:

    Nice, liked the other better though D:

  31. Tree-F2 Says:

    This is pretty intense. If this is directed toward your father figure, I hope there is a way you two can work it out if he isn't gone. Just showin' some support of your art! Don't hesitate to check out my blog :D -Treekuza

  32. Daniel Says:

    Very deep, I never had to go through something like that and I hope you aren't writing from experience.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    great poem

  34. Anti-1337 Says:

    very soothing words~ worth the read!

  35. nanosound Says:

    And asphyxiation seemed imminent

    Good stuff

  36. BigLoser Says:

    You are beautiful, please marry me

  37. very lovely, i'll definetly keep coming back

  38. Cryllis Says:

    Love your posts, will keep up with them!

  39. Joecredible Says:

    your poems are awesome!

    support me and ill support you!


  40. AlphaDaily Says:

    what a hilarious read... great post
    reminds me of how i return everything done to me on here.


  41. That's quite sad, I hope you real father wasn't like that.

  42. Marco Says:

    Woow, thats deep.. Keep on the good work.

  43. SHH Says:

    Yeah i support your poetry

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