Tri Duong

Laying in the dank, dark
Of night, I attempt to hark, the
Vivacious angel dreaming
Evermore with pupil`s gleaming.

Living off the dribbling pollen
Out of the lily flower fallen, with
Vehement and fervent intentions
Eschewing falsified inventions.

Lamenting crystalline jewels
Over-obsessive fools,
Verify that one last beat of heart
Every time does death do us part.
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  1. PC Games Says:
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  2. Getter Robo Says:
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  3. CloudEmperor Says:

    I met my quota for poetry today

  4. ElusiveLynx Says:

    When I was younger I used to write alot, including poetry. This is really good :)

  5. That's really good... Why not start writing songs for a big record company ;)

  6. Auron404 Says:

    again a great poem <3

  7. Zi Says:

    nice, yeah it's similar to mine :)

  8. Potato Skinz Says:

    Very nice poem...

    The Daily Soup-port Train is rolling by all stations!

  9. Garbanian Says:

    very pretty! keep it up!

  10. Did you do this yourself? Good work

  11. I went from enjoying your poetry to becoming a fan of your work as I've been keeping up with the blog. You are skilled keep up the hard work.

  12. very nice poets, support :)

  13. Orzo Says:

    i love this boem bro, keep up the blogging

  14. Swift Love Says:

    that's something I definitely have to try!

  15. Steve Says:

    Showing you some loooovvvveeeee

  16. Japannews Says:

    Beautiful poem. Really touches the soul!

  17. Gloistina Says:

    very very very nice hopefully everyday yields something like this

  18. Max Says:

    Very nice poetry. Also supporting.

  19. Szarooki Says:

    Amazing poem! I'm waiting for the next ones!

  20. Ishu Says:

    I Love love-dead poems!!! Support!

  21. Croyal Says:

    Yet another great poem. I still want a story though! :p

  22. Shirahime Says:

    Really nice =D

    Nice detail the hidden LOVE on each paragraph.

    Keep it up!

  23. The End. Says:

    good post. keep up the good work.

  24. The Loon Says:


  25. x Says:

    love, love everywhere!±

  26. YEP, GEDDON! Says:
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  27. azurebalmung Says:

    D'aww, sad yet sweet at the same time

  28. epicness2729 Says:

    Nice!!! Showing some daily support!

  29. *dadadums* Says:

    That's beautiful, thank you so much for sharing (:

  30. Wow these are really good poems, you're very creative.

  31. Anti-1337 Says:

    love your words, they bring me to life every day ~ <3

  32. Another incredible poem! Keep up the great work

  33. didnt read but hers a comment =D

  34. Joe Dirt Says:

    whoa that's pretty good :D

  35. I like how you didn't reuse any of the first letter-words, shows real effort and creativity. Keep it up!

  36. Short and sweet, LOVE IT

    Supportin' daily.

  37. James Says:

    Very nice. Definitely following.

    A few lines on my blog too! :3

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant! Keep em commings

  39. DizZzY Says:

    Nice poem
    Making friends and showing support
    follow and VIEW my blogs?

  40. I have tears in my eyes

  41. hype-machine Says:

    School may be a drag, but I certainly do enjoy it.

  42. iammyself Says:

    this one's great. i was moved

  43. Anonymous Says:

    oh my........... (:
    i'll come back for more

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Great poems

  45. Daniel Says:

    Very creative, I like how you managed to incorporate LOVE for every verse.

  46. robolaser Says:

    so heart touching...

  47. jus1 Says:

    nice blog showing support

  48. ihazasad Says:

    That poem is really beautiful :)

  49. thanks guys for all the kind and wonderful comments!

  50. hamonrye Says:

    Pretty girls get all the comments right?

  51. Commsky Says:

    I used to hate poetry... it's weird

  52. Saveit Says:

    Always good stuff. I hope you check my blog daily too.

  53. B Says:

    very nice poem:)

  54. REV Says:

    keep up the good stuff bro
    i'm diggin it

  55. FIAIN Says:

    I appreciate that you at least attempt to look at what I posted on my blog, thanks! <3

    ps I enjoyed the poem's theme

  56. actually not half bad!


  57. Very nice end to the poem. Well done as usual.

  58. Flav Says:

    Very nice choice of words, it really shows that you're from paris, each word is like a musical note.

  59. Caroline, would you mind helping me with something? Hit me back with a comment or my email ( if you can.

    Thank you!

  60. michael Says:

    nice poem, kind of sad at the end, but very well written... You are very talented :)

  61. grizz Says:

    i died a little inside. TRICKY poem!

  62. Gabriel Says:

    Well done, look forward to more.

  63. MTB111 Says:

    very nice. really enjoyed the read!!!

  64. Tal Zahn Says:

    I know it is highly inappropriate, but I noticed I could rap that poem. :X

    Well done, as always.

  65. Alex Says:

    love it love it love it!!!

  66. Swarmster Says:
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  67. i just made a song for it.

  68. x Says:

    love is what love wants.

  69. Slumph Says:

    I love the use of



  70. Tidibus Says:
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  71. Auron404 Says:

    Again i love your poëm.

    i remember you for checking my blog daily and realy got your back :)

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