Tri Duong

Young palmer sun, that to these shining sands
Pourest thy pilgrim's tale, discoursing still
Thy silver passages of sacred lands,
With news of Sepulchre and Dolorous Hill,

Canst thou be he that, yester-sunset warm,
Purple with Paynim rage and wrack desire,
Dashed ravening out of a dusty lair of Storm,
Harried the west, and set the world on fire?

Hast thou perchance repented, Saracen Sun?
Wilt warm the world with peace and dove-desire?
Or wilt thou, ere this very day be done,
Blaze Saladin still, with unforgiving fire?
14 Responses
  1. Rezden Says:

    Pic was cool, I'm rubbish at interpreting poems though sorry. Following and looking forward to some short stories. :)

  2. wicked805er Says:

    Hmm sounds deep not very good with poems either good luck with writing hope to see something that catches my eye

  3. Chi-chan Says:

    I love the last stanza. I'm not sure what all the capitalized words are, but the sounds of "Saracen Sun" and "Blaze Saladin still" are really nice.

  4. The Loon Says:

    Haven't been here in a while, nice job on the template :P

  5. tortacular Says:

    meh, let the haters hate. Good stuff.

  6. Muhunty Says:

    very beutifule pics

  7. Nice post man check out my reviews :)

  8. Flippy Says:

    this is really good. I love songs that could easily double as poems. gives me some good material to work from ;D

  9. Jeff Says:

    I'm not normally one for poetry, but I actually liked this one. Keep writing :)

  10. Muhunty Says:

    vvery interesting man

  11. dirtfarmer Says:

    not sure about the thee and thou stuff. too much like church.

  12. Chad Says:

    love it! keep up with that stuff

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The man is dead why to you keep telling him to keep it up?

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