Tri Duong
Indeed indeed, I cannot tell,
Though I ponder on it well,
Which were easier to state,
All my love or all my hate.
Surely, surely, thou wilt trust me
When I say thou dost disgust me.
O, I hate thee with a hate
That would fain annihilate;
Yet sometimes against my will,
My dear friend, I love thee still.
It were treason to our love,
And a sin to God above,
One iota to abate
Of a pure impartial hate.
12 Responses
  1. Bernard Says:

    i love that balloon picture haha

  2. Sebastian Says:

    Sad, but beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Arkanyn Says:

    this is really nice

  4. Anonymous Says:

    nice pics and sad poem

  5. Sad poem, but so appropriate right now :[

  6. pwincess101 Says:

    gr8 poem i need a analysis of it!!!!!
    his a cool poet though

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