Tri Duong
I recently attended the Careers in International Business Panel in Bartley 1011. There were a total of four alumni who came and gave everyone an overview of their experiences in their respective majors. The first person was James Healy who works for GE Capital. He talked about some of his assignments visiting Mexico City, Argentina, and various other places. The next person was Richard, who specializes in logistics and had previously lived and worked in Japan for eight and a half years. Then there was Kaitlyn who majored in finance and minored in spanish, who currently works as an auditor for Vanguard. Lastly, Carlos majored in marketing management and works for Rolls Royce. The four individuals at the panel all gave different and unique perspectives of their lifestyle and work environment overseas, especially how it impacted their life. For example, the language barrier was definitely a challenge for some of the panels at first. However, the challenge itself was opportunity as well because it influenced Kaitlyn and James to overcome and ultimately embrace the difficulty. Also, the panels made it clear that working internationally is not all fun like a vacation would be, because work after all, is work. But, work can be fun and exciting if you are passionate with the work you do.

I thought the panel was very interactive and information. It gave me a great generalization of what international business is like. I learned that besides business, other majors are opening up globally too because the world is adapting the concept of globalization. Additionally, I learned that while considering international business is good, the main priority for me is to focus on my school first. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to pursue or integrate international business into my daily life.
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  1. Jim Says:

    Glad you found the session informative. Also, it seems like you had set this blog up a while ago; I encourage you to keep it going!

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