Tri Duong
Pain is such an exquisite thing
It opens brand new doors that I never knew existed
This sensation is something that shouldn’t be resisted
Nothing is better than a collapsed lung
Except for maybe
Putting your finger down the rabbit hole of your electrical outlet
Enter a brave new world
Of exploding lights and strange sounds
That would be an Ambulance

Pain can be so much fun
Think of all that can be done with a gun
Away go the kneecaps
Bam, no more sight
A broken nose
Is really a delight
It is the answer to the world’s plight
We try to stop it
When we should embrace it
And in war
Embrace it when we should be trying to stop it
Parents tell kids not to hit
What do they know
Faux pious people

Razors offer some cheep laughs
Put one in your mouth
And you’ll taste copper pennies
Wanting more
What can I find?
There! A blowtorch catches my eye
Things can get hot
Or down right blistering
A little alcohol keeps my wounds from festering

Don’t worry about the wife getting curious
I have no need to be mysterious
Because when I take my little trips
She’s the one holding the whips
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  1. After I read the line about the collapsed lung I couldn't help but laugh because my lung has collapsed before.

    It's an interesting poem however, well done.

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